It’s not wolves that threaten goat herders anymore.

Could a liberal please intelligently explain to me why the federal government must issue regulations regarding the work environment of foreign goat herders?  I can usually see both sides of an argument, even when I strenuously disagree with one.  But aside from government trying to control every aspect of our lives (which no liberal will admit to), what is the explanation for why these regulations are necessary?

Was there a serious problem of maltreated goatherders that I haven’t heard about?  Has a Goat Herder’s Anonymous counseling group become necessary?  And how is this a federal matter?  What part of the Constitution authorizes the federal government to regulate an individual goat herding business?  That catch-all commerce clause, I guess.  The most misused clause in our Constitution.

It wouldn’t surprise me if in five years’ time we have federal regulations regarding the proper procedure on how to wipe our a****.  I need to build me a cabin in the woods.

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