Should laws be “flexible”?

President Obama’s White House has said that when it comes to implementing his EPA’s new ozone emission standards, they are “committed to using the full flexibility in the law to ensure that the implementation of a new standard does not impede our economic recovery.”

Read the full story, here.

When did the law become so indeterminate?  First Obama was granting “waivers” to every union and politically advantageous company that asked for one regarding Obamacare.  And now the EPA will selectively apply emission standards against certain companies and industries.  When did we stop being a country dedicated to the rule of law and instead allow a rule by fiat?

Also mentioned in the story is this little tidbit.

Industry groups are asking the White House and the administration to abandon their plans to tighten the Bush-era standard now and to instead move ahead with the regular five-year review cycle required under the Clean Air Act. The next ozone proposal is due in 2013.

So Congress passed a law that requires a five-year review cycle but Obama unilaterally decides to move that process up.  The Obama administration never seems to care about the separation of powers.  Congress makes the laws, not the President.  He’s just supposed to enforce them.  In this age of hyper-regulation, however, that line becomes blurred, if not eliminated outright. 

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