A train ride to nowhere

Perhaps California should investigate this further.  China has been held up as an example for our push towards high-speed rail, but it looks like they are more of a warning now.  Putting aside last month’s deadly accident on China’s rail, because accidents do happen, their system also seems plagued with breakdowns, equipment failures, and delays.

A Chinese bullet train manufacturer announced a recall Friday of 54 trains in the latest embarrassment for a problem-plagued prestige project following a July crash that killed 40 people.

The recall adds to growing signs official attitudes toward the bullet train are shifting and Beijing might scale back its rapid expansion of the high speed rail network. A moratorium on new rail projects was imposed this week and the government announced a reduction in train speeds.

If China is reexamining the efficacy of high-speed rail, shouldn’t we as well?  Before we spend another $60 billion on it?

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