Hope lives in Wisconsin

Unions funnelled millions of dollars into Wisconsin’s recall elections, yet their efforts to create a Democrat-controlled Senate failed.  As Meg Whitman’s failed gubernatorial race has shown us, money doesn’t always guarantee success at the ballot box in America, and it’s nice to be reminded of that. 

But more importantly, this seems to show that the trend started in Wisconsin, reining in public-sector unions and out of control government spending, wasn’t a fluke.  The majority of voters in the fairly progressive Badger State have reaffirmed a committment to fiscal sanity.  Our bad economy has woken up a lot of our nation to the unsustainable path we’re on.  Unfortunately, those of us here in California haven’t yet gotten the memo.  Last election, we decided to accelerate over the cliff.  But if enough states follow Wisconsin and start to stabilize their economies, it will be hard even for Californians to ignore the evidence on the dangers of government spending and public-sector unions.  I hope.

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