“Analysis: Obama, Bernanke out of ammo to boost jobs, growth”

It’s news stories like this that drive me sputtering mad.  It seems quite innocuous on its face.  But the subheading reveals the omnipresent partisan bias: “The United States has a jobs problem and there’s not a lot President Barack Obama or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke can do about it.”  So Obama bears no responsibility for the jobs numbers?  He gets an A for effort, but doggone it, economics is hard.  Some of that spaghetti really should have stuck.

Actually, I don’t even know if it is partisan bias or just engrained Keynsian philosophy.  The so-called reporters don’t think to ask an economist if perhaps all the bullets Obama has already fired, QE1 and 2, the Stimulus packages, etc, might actually be the cause of some of our unemployment, not just failed efforts.  That thought probably can’t even enter their brains.

As Obama signed the debt deal, which averted a devastating default and reduced the risk to the country’s AAA credit rating, he promised more ideas to boost hiring soon.

The reporters repeat the liberal talking points to a tee.  Raising the debt limit didn’t avert a default (we have enough cash to service our debt – we would just have to cut spending elsewhere) and going into more debt does not reduce the risk to our credit rating.  Can someone at Reuters at least try to report objective facts?

If this is the new liberal meme, that our economy is like Humpty-Dumpty and even the great Obama couldn’t put it back together, I don’t think that will fly come 2012.

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