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Green vs. Red (tape)

I love it when liberals get caught in their own regulatory quagmire.  “Investor’s Business Daily reportsthat a number of internal reports have shown that certain federal regulations, many of them championed by labor and environmental groups, are thwarting efforts at … Continue reading

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Quantitative Easing, Explained

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ATF Head Removed Over Fast and Furious

The head of the ATF, Kenneth Melson, has been removed over the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.  The removal of an incompetent bureaucrat should be a good thing, except he’s not actually been removed – just moved.   Let’s face … Continue reading

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We’re all racists now.

I have heard my point of view on things like economics, affirmative action, entitlements labeled as racist before.  It’s amazing how a belief in free markets and equal treatment can be slandered as such.  But now my views on anthropogenic … Continue reading

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Funniest Political Video Ever

This is for Roger Williams, who’s running for Congress in Texas.  Apparently a lot of Democrats are offended that he compares them to donkeys.  (?)

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Poor police decisions

When police shut down lemonade (or green tea) stands, but don’t think that “crimes of resisting arrest, assault and B&E” are serious enough of crimes to warrant deportation, then I don’t know if this country has much of a future left.

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If you aren’t already angry at the government, watch this…

I used to think those Ruby Ridge people were wackos.  What does it say about me that I am empathizing with them more and more?   H/T biggovernment.  

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