Red Dawn redux

The producers of the new Red Dawn movie needn’t have looked for a more relevant bad guy for their modern remake.  China North Korea is scary, but their posturing has yet to produce an attack on US soil whereas the original antagonists, the Russians, seem to have been behind a bombing on a US embassy in the Republic of Georgia last year.

U.S. Intelligence agencies concluded in a classified report late last year that Russia’s military intelligence was responsible for a bomb blast that occurred at an exterior wall of the U.S. embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia, in September.

The highly classified report about the Sept. 22 incident was described to The Washington Times by two U.S. officials who have read it.  They said the report supports the findings of the Georgian Interior Ministry, which traced the bombing to a Russian military intelligence officer.

Read the full story, here.

I’m so glad that we ratified the START treaty with that nation where we have to reduce our nuclear arsenal and in return the Russians get to laugh at us.

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