Maybe it’s because Russians know what really constitutes a security threat?

I hate it when I side with Russia over the U.S.  But the UN security council has made me do just that. 

Climate change poses a major threat to future peace and security, a senior UN official has warned.

Achim Steiner from the UN Environment Programme said climate change would also “exponentially” increase the scale of natural disasters.

His comments followed a UN declaration of famine in parts of Somalia.

Meanwhile, Russia rejected a Security Council statement backed by Western nations which asserted the link, but later agreed to a weaker text.

The Russian envoy Alexander Pankin said he was sceptical about the implications of putting climate change on the security council’s agenda.

Read the full story, here.

And the Russian envoy sounds aggravatingly sensible with statements like this:  “We believe that involving the Security Council in a regular review of the issue of climate change will not bring any added value whatsoever and will merely lead to further increased politicisation of this issue and increased disagreements between countries.”

But I love it when AGWers cite statistics like this one:

The council had failed to agree on whether climate change was an issue of world peace in 2007, when Britain brought up the issue.

The move came after two regions of Somalia were declared a famine, after the worst drought in six decades.

So sixty years ago, when we had much less human produced “pollution” in the air, there was a worse famine?  I just read the other day that the current heat wave in the Midwest was the worst since the first decade of the twentieth century.  How is it proof of AGW when it was hotter one hundred years ago?  By their own statistics they seem to be disproving their own claims.

It’s not like we didn’t have famine and flood hundreds and thousands of years ago.  Ask Noah.  It’s called weather.  Deal with it.  Stop punishing productive humans for it.

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