Moonbeam Brown strikes again

Jerry Brown just signed into law that California social studies textbooks need to include “the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.”  Read full story, here.

Question: if a gay person made a significant contribution, wouldn’t that already be in the history books?  Couldn’t we just put a G (Gay) or an S (Straight) after historical figures names, like we do R and D for Republicans and Democrats, without having to retell history?

I somehow suspect that these “contributions” won’t be grand inventions that changed the lives of all Americans.  Again, if that were the case, they’d already be in the history books.  I suspect that instead of discussing the facts of Gettysburg and its historical implications, a page will be devoted to Timmy Tinkelheimer, a gay foot soldier, who bravely died next to his straight compatriots, thereby proving he was just like everyone else, but adding no actual knowledge of history to students.

And on a side note, I have been out of highschool for too long, I guess, as I am not quite sure what social studies consists of.  I am assuming history, but then why don’t they just call it history?  Social studies does sound like a course for the politically correct socialization of American youth, in which case I retract my former comments.  The addition of LGBT studies seems like the perfect addition.  Now I just question why we have that course in our schools at all.

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