For the love of Edison

It brings a little joy to my heart to hear that the House is voting today on whether to repeal the ban on my favored incandescent light bulbs.  That’s assuming it passes the House. 

However, as “The Obama administration announced its opposition to the repeal efforts in a statement on Monday night, saying the bill would stifle U.S. innovation as well as the creation of new manufacturing jobs”, I don’t hold out any hope of the repeal actually happening.  You can read the full HuffPo story, here.

Stifle the creation of new manufacturing jobs?  What about the old manufacturing jobs that were lost when the incandescent lightbulb factories were shuttered?  And I believe these new stupid swirly bulbs are produced in China.  I think the only new job that will be created by banning the incandescents is the toxic waste monitor needed to deal with the mercury in the new bulbs.

On the plus side, I can make a fortune selling bootlegged bulbs from my stockpile.

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One Response to For the love of Edison

  1. I will buy them bootlegged!

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