Identity politics vs. the EPA

When a victim-identity group sues the EPA, I really don’t know whom to root for.  A local California Latino organization, represented by the Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment, is alleging that their civil rights complaints to the EPA over the years have gone unanswered regarding toxic waste dump sites near their community.  Read the full story, here.

The EPA should be a science-driven organization.  But it has degraded into the social sciences (which should really be renamed social politics).  EPA administrator Lisa Jackson states that she will “continue our effort to make the EPA home to a model civil-rights program.”  What do civil rights have to do with the administration of the EPA?  In California today, there is no way that someone of Hispanic origin wouldn’t get a fair hearing to compensate for a provable injury.  But an agency that should have been created to promote environmental science is now used to promote the liberal social agenda.  If it wasn’t for the fact that this represents more taxpayer-money down the rabbit hole, I would say that the lawsuit against the EPA couldn’t have happened to a nicer organization.

P.S.  Nowhere in the article did it mention what, if any, actual injury resulted from these dump sites.  But actual injuries no longer seem important in today’s lawsuits.  Political grievances do.

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