Schools as Propaganda Factories

My nephew recently graduated from highschool.  His school counselor told him not to worry about writing an actual essay for the essay section on his college applications — just use bullet points.

Now I get that this is a brave, new, 140 character world.  But I have to wonder if the decline in writing skills (and other fundamentals) is correlated to the rise in social engineering going on in our schools.  Oh heck, I’m not really wondering.  I know it is.  Now Maryland has added a new requirement for highschool graduation: “environmental literacy.”

But don’t worry:

Sarah Bodor of the Chesapeake  Bay Foundation supports the initiative and says there is no mandate.

“People express concern about the content but what  is important to know is that this new requirement doesn’t actually mandate any  content at all.”

The new rule is a regulation from the State Board of Education, not a law passed by the legislature,  so it lays out no specifics. Governor Martin  O’Malley offers no real details but praises it, saying it will “infuse core  subjects with lessons about conservation and smart growth  and the health  of our natural world.”

Read more: here.

There is only so much time in the day for kids to sit in class.  When they’re heads are being stuffed with gender studies, gay studies, environmental studies, basket weaving studies, etc., something has to go.  And what’s being pushed aside are those evil, paternalistic, racist subjects such as math, US history, reading, and writing.  Too bad for the kiddies, these are the basic skills adults need to function in the working world.

But hey, with all that diversity training, at least they’ll all get along.

Update:  Twinkie Reloaded beat me to the punch, writing about this last week.  Read her article, here.


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I worked overseas in the aid game for longer than I'd like to admit and learned several important things: 1) Third World countries aren't poor because America is rich. They're impoverished due to socialist governments that provide neither rule of law nor basic infrastructures; 2) These socialist governments redistribute wealth from taxpayers to the government workers. There's no benefit to the poor or downtrodden, and certainly not to the general welfare in terms of infrastructure improvements. 3) America is moving toward the Third World model. Rule of law has been subverted because equality under the law is disappearing as special interests carve out exemptions to regulations and special favors under the law. The redistribution of wealth to government began decades ago -- total compensation for government employees now outpaces salaries in the private sector.
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