Another reason not to like soccer (as if one is needed)

But this might actually get me to a soccer match.  (I hear that’s a sport of some kind.)  Apparently the US team needs fan support, even when playing in America.  I really don’t begrudge people for rooting for Mexico.  I know if I were living in a foreign country and went to a real sporting event where the US was playing, I would definitely support America.  Hopefully I would have enough class and manners not to boo my host country, however. 

But come on.  This definitely falls into a pattern.  Us racist, isolationist, flat-earthers have a problem when immigrants diss America, and it happens a lot here in California.  From not bothering to learn English and demanding taxpayer-funded entitlements just for breathing, to claiming over and over that the US “stole” the southwest, immigration in California is definitely a hot-button issue. 

Such flagrant anti-Americanism as booing our national anthem smacks of compensatory grandiosity to me.  Mexico lost a war to America and through a legally binding treaty gave up much of its territory to us.  That doesn’t do much for the ego.  And even though Mexico has enormous natural resources, its corruption is so great that its citizens are willing to risk their lives to leave their home cesspool and come to America.  Such loud protestations of Mexican pride as were heard at this weekend’s Gold Cup sound more like a longing to be of a country deserving of praise than an actual showing of esteem.  After all, if those immigrants thought half as much of Mexico as they pretend, then they would be living there.

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