Ticket for not wearing a life vest – $86. Personal liberty – priceless.

I really hate nanny-staters.  In their zeal to protect everyone from everything, they totally ignore human behavior – namely, that humans don’t like being told what to do.  In fact, when someone tells me I have to do something for my own good, I tend to push-back in the opposite direction and behave dangerously.

Point in case, this story from King County, Washington.  The county council up there has decided that, for our own safety, everyone must wear life vests when swimming in their rivers.  Not only that,

“It applies to people intertubing, rafting, using a surfboard, canoe or kayak. Swimmers or people wading more than 5 feet from shore or in water more than 4 feet deep would also have to wear life vests. The new ordinance does not apply to people at designated public beaches or for people who are skin diving.”

I now feel the need to go up to King County and find large cliffs to jump off of into the river, sans life vest, and dare them to give me a ticket.  Or find some nice class 5 rapids to raft through. 

What’s next?  Why not legislate that everyone wear bubble-wrap?  That could prevent a lot of injuries, I’m sure.


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