Re: Operation “Fast and Furious”

Okay, this isn’t really a response to operation “fast and furious”, but rather a comment regarding the anti-gun propaganda that will spread using the false statistic of 70% of guns used in Mexican drug violence have come from America. 

One of the things I’ll admit to not understanding is how the left seems to have the backbone to stand against Second Amendment supporters.  I mean, they seem to run scared from every tin-pot dictator in the world.  Appeasement is the name of the game unless they have an international consensus when it comes to foreign policy.  Yet here at home they seem to have no qualms about trying to strip away the right to bear arms from a large arms-bearing populace. Where’s the fear when we need it?  I can only conclude that the left subconsciously acknowledges that us pesky gun owners aren’t an actual threat to their security – just their agenda – and therefore feel free to attack our rights without fear of repercussions.

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