Sluggards of the world unite

I love the way Cap and Trade works.  A company, or country, can, in essence, not do any work and get paid for it. Greece is leading the way in what is every slacker’s dream.

“Greece could earn up to 170 million euros for its cash-strapped treasury from a trade of greenhouse-gas emission allowances on the Athens stock exchange, a report said Sunday.

Eleftherotypia daily said a first-ever auction of one million emission allowances (EUAs) will be held on Wednesday, ironically as many Greek factories will be shut by a general strike against the government’s economic policies.”

 Read the full story here.

It’s easy to sell out your productivity when your factories are already shuttered. The number of hard-working schmucks who will work for ever-diminishing profits whilst slackers get paid to not produce will inevitably decrease. Can I also build a make-shift factory and then get paid for not doing any work there? I can not produce a lot of carbon. This really is an ingenious scam.

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