Are we at post-post-feminism yet?

When did feminists subscibe to classism? Maureen Dowd’s latest screed waxes on about men marrying and dating either up or down.  Marrying Hillary Clinton was marrying up for Bill Clinton.  Sexting a Vegas dealer was e-dating down for Weiner.  Apparently equality only extends between the sexes, not among your own sex.

Liberals seem to have no problem demeaning and defaming a woman, though, if she doesn’t fit their cookie-cutter idea of a modern woman. Even if that woman seems to encompass all the feminist ideals – independence, authority, self-reliance, e.g. Sarah Palin, she will still be pilloried as anti-feminist.  And liberal women also see no inherent contradiction in degrading themselves or becoming subservient to a man so long as he talks the correct, PC, liberal line (i.e. Nina Burleigh, a Time contributor, who publicly stated “I’d be happy to give [Bill Clinton] a bl** j** just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”)

The liberal/conservative dichotomy seems to come down to talk vs. action.  Liberal women talk (and talk and talk) about female empowerment then supplicate themselves to the government, begging for entitlements.  Conservative women spend their days taking care of their businesses, themselves, and their families.  Which type of woman do you think is  more empowered?

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