And the government wants to corner the student loan market?

I’ve always thought that the Department of Education was a completely useless money suck that is only aiding in the demise of American education. So it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that it might have some utility after all – as a SWAT unit.

On a Department of Education warrant, SWAT busted down the door and held a man and his three children for several hours, because his estranged wife had defaulted on student loans. The government is making loan sharks look like the safer alternative.

If they can get this rough over a defaulted student loan, just think what they could do if pitted against drug lords. Or as the ultimate anti-terrorist unit. They could have some nifty slogans, like Don’t mess with America or the Department of Eductaion will school you.

Alas, the strong-arm tactics are reserved for Americans. I would say that debtor’s prisons are the next logical step after SWAT breaks down defaulters’ doors, but then the Democrats would lose their voting base.

The Department of Education should not have police powers. This Leviathon needs to be cut down to size.

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