Where’s my tax deduction for that?

America is a charitable nation.  When disasters strike, we are ready to give, to hurricane victims, to rebuild war-ravaged cities, and to…car companies with poor business plans?

Yes, that’s the way the CEO of General Motors, Dan Akerson, sees the autobailout of 2008-2009. An act of charitable giving. And how does he want to repay the generosity of Americans? By encouraging the government to raise gasoline taxes on us by up to a dollar per gallon. That will arm twist encourage us to buy their tin-can pieces of crap high efficiency vehicles. This crony capitalist corporate welfare whore CEO defines himself as a “Colin Powell Republican”, not a “Sarah Palin Republican.” Well, that’s clear enough.

The best quote from that interview, however, is when he states that the bailout was the “right thing to do”, but that “it shouldn’t be measured on did it sell for $43 or $53 (a share) or did they lose a couple billion dollars?” The CEO of a major corporation doesn’t feel that the success of his company should be measured on whether it turns a profit or loses billions of dollars? I’m sure his union overlords are pleased to hear that.

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