I “Heart” Breitbart

Breitbart’s handling of the Anthony Weiner fiasco has been brilliant and there’s a lot that people on the right can learn from him:

  1. He sticks with the facts.  From Acorn to Weiner, Breitbart’s been scrupulous with the facts and has had the evidence to back them up.
  2. When the left tried to smear the messenger, he punched back and took control of the narrative.  Breitbart was accused of hacking Weiner’s account and of manufacturing the photos.  The slurs against him and his family on Twitter were appalling.  He retweeted each and every one of them, exposing the leftist meme of liberal tolerance and civility as the fraud it is.  With both the Acorn and the Weiner stories, he dribbled the evidence out over time, letting the left get all their smears out and then forcing them to eat their own words, exposing them as fools and liars.  And while waiting for Weiner to take the stage at his press conference, Breitbart took over the microphone and denounced the media for trying to make him the story. 
  3. He’s a regular guy.  The left keeps trying to paint him as a trust fund baby.  He’s not.  According to his book, Righteous Indignation, he had to borrow $25k from his father to get the Acorn story out there.  He’s demonstrated that you don’t have to be rich and powerful to make a difference, you just need the guts to get out there and do it.

About Mystic Cowgirl

I worked overseas in the aid game for longer than I'd like to admit and learned several important things: 1) Third World countries aren't poor because America is rich. They're impoverished due to socialist governments that provide neither rule of law nor basic infrastructures; 2) These socialist governments redistribute wealth from taxpayers to the government workers. There's no benefit to the poor or downtrodden, and certainly not to the general welfare in terms of infrastructure improvements. 3) America is moving toward the Third World model. Rule of law has been subverted because equality under the law is disappearing as special interests carve out exemptions to regulations and special favors under the law. The redistribution of wealth to government began decades ago -- total compensation for government employees now outpaces salaries in the private sector.
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