Of morons and moats.

I really think I can get behind President Obama’s alligator-infested moat idea. But instead of it being along the border, it should encircle D.C. Some of the Congressmen there are just so stupid, their minds can’t be allowed to infect our youth.

Point in case, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.). Since she has become DNC chair, pearls of idiocy pour forth from her lips on a regular basis.  The latest: Republicans think illegal immigration should actually be illegal.  The horror!

I think DWS will be a most entertaining chairperson and look forward to a high entertainment value in her reign.  But it does make me sad that she has an equal vote with someone like Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (genius!).  Democracy be damned, but that just ain’t right.

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