The Day After

Is western civilization over?  Are we on that downhill slide, where the takers outnumber the makers?


But I keep thinking about the 1930s.  The Great Depression lasted for ten years and Americans re-elected FDR twice.  They didn’t look at the increased taxes and regulation that he’d implemented and blame him for the extended economic catastrophe.  He had some sort of charisma going for him and they stuck with the devil they knew.

And we got out of it.  The world economy turned and America grew beyond it.  Conservatism came roaring back, took a body blow in the late 60s, and then we had the Reagan resurgence leading to the golden 80s and the darn good 90s.

So buck up!

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Steven Crowder Does Halloween Redistribution

This is so mean!  But funny.

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THANK YOU TokenLibertarianGirl, whoever you are, for this awesome response to that pathetic Lena Dumham “first time” ad.

And thank you free marketeers for this terrific video explaining what life would be like without that nasty, awful capitalist system.  As a side note, they’ve captured Soviet architecture surprisingly well.  Was this filmed in Romania?

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The OSCE and Election Monitoring

When I first heard that the UN has been asked to monitor the US elections, I was annoyed.  And then when I heard that it was actually the OSCE, I thought, “Oh, no biggie.”

I once acted as an election monitor for the OSCE in the Republic of Georgia’s first parliamentary election after the Rose Resolution.  That either makes me biased or informed (you choose).

The OSCE is a voluntary association of member states developed under the concept that democratic countries tend not to go to war with each other.  So election monitoring – i.e. ensuring democracy – is a big part of what the OSCE does.  Since you do have some nasty actors like Russia in the OSCE, that limits its  – shall we say – vigor.  It can’t really enforce anything, just report.

The election monitors, who are volunteers from member countries, go through a LOT of training.  And since the US is a member country monitoring the elections of other countries, it’s really only fair that the OSCE sends some monitors here.  In fact, they have been since they were invited to by GW Bush in 2004.

And the reports I’ve seen come out of the OSCE seem pretty fair and honest.  In my case, one of the election stations I monitored had a minor technical violation due to the layout of the polling place.  But it was clear nothing hinky was going on – they were in an old building and working with what they had.  So we didn’t make a stink out of it.  There were some violations reported at other polling stations – stuff like missing ballots.  But the overall election report was positive.

If memory serves, all the voters were required to show ID.  So if the libs think bringing in the OSCE will somehow embarrass any US states with voter ID laws – they’re wrong.  Personally, I hope they send some monitors to that polling place in Philly where the New Black Panther party was intimidating voters.  That would make a fun YouTube video – indignant Europeans going toe to toe with jackbooted NBP thugs…  Heh heh.

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Obama and Dictators

Why do the people around Obama frequently compare him to dictators?

His latest “Lena Dunham/first time” ad is a rip off of an old ad for Vladimir Putin.  In it, the actress makes coy allusions to her “first time” (voting) and how it should be with “a guy who cares whether you get health insurance and…  birth control.”  That sort of dreck is okay for a Putin “election.”  He was going to win regardless of whether people voted for him.  Not sure how it will work for Obama.

Russian version below.  If you can’t speak Russkie, trust me, it’s the same idea.  I do appreciate the Russian addition of the fortune teller though.

And as has been mentioned many times before, his “forward” slogan has long ties to Soviet marxism.   And the Obama “hope” poster seemed evocative of the old Soviet propaganda posters.

Isn’t it odd that it’s his friends who keep making these conscious or unconscious comparisons?


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World Series!

And the Giants are in it!  Some things to trump political blogging.

Go, Giants!

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New Project Veritas Video: Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe just came out with a new voter fraud video.  In it, an undercover reporter speaks with Patrick Moran, the field director (and son) of a Virginia congressman, about how to conduct voter fraud.

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